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Application monitoring

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How to monitor Microsoft SQL & SSRS servers

The Monitorpack team regularly provides useful metrics to easily monitor your applications, devices and systems. These are basic measurements, if you want to go further Monitorpack software Guard is able to check all performance counters, services, processes, ports, event IDs, existing printers and shares in your IT environment.

Action Script alert Description How What
1 SQL server restart SQL services with net start command Monitorpack script alert Your script

How to monitor SQL servers

Open Monitorpack Guard > in the left panel select [ Create Alerts ] and select your alert type.

This example is for SQL Express version, it means that you have to adapt the value with you specific instanc(s) for Windows services and Performance counters

ID Performance Instance Rule Value
1 \MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS:Buffer Manager \Buffer cache hit ratio < 85
2 \SQLAgent$SQLEXPRESS:Statistics \SQL Server restarted > 1
3 \MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS:SQL Statistics \SQL Compilations/sec > 100
- - - - -
ID Process Process name When Status
1 sqlservr.exe sqlservr.exe Stopped True
2 sqlbrowser.exe sqlbrowser.exe Stopped True
ID Windows services alert Service name When Status
1 SQL Server MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS Stopped True
- - - - -
ID Windows Socket Socket name Port Value
1 SQL Server Database access 1433 False
2 SQL Server Agent browser 1434 False
ID Windows shares Share name Share Value
1 Share SQL SQLEXPRESS Stopped True
- - - - -
ID Windows printers Printer name Port Status
- Not Apply Not Apply Not Apply Not Apply
- - - - -
ID Windows Events Journal Name Level Source Event ID
1 SQL SSRS Application Error Report Server Windows Service (SQLEXPRESS) 107
2 SQL Logon failed Application Error MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS 17806