Analysis of your IT infrastructure

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supervision Cloud

Maintenance IT Helpdesk

Administration, supervision, inventories and IT incident management.

Application monitoring

Application monitoring

Quickly access the status of all your applications from your PC, tablet.

freeware for monitoring

Web Analytics portal service

The status of your IT available 24/7 on your SQL Reporting portal.

How to Monitor Microsoft SharePoint

The Monitorpack team regularly provides useful metrics to easily monitor your applications, devices and systems. These are basic measurements, if you want to go further Monitorpack software Guard is able to check all performance counters, services, processes, ports, event IDs, existing printers and shares in your IT environment.

Subject Perimeter Type Value Link
Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Monitoring and maintaining SharePoint Server 2016 Metrics Baseline
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Monitoring and maintaining SharePoint Server 2013 Metrics Baseline
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Monitoring and maintaining SharePoint Server 2010 Metrics Baseline
Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Monitor and troubleshoot storage performance Metrics Baseline