Analysis of your IT infrastructure

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Maintenance IT Helpdesk

Administration, supervision, inventories and IT incident management.

Application monitoring

Application monitoring

Quickly access the status of all your applications from your PC, tablet.

freeware for monitoring

Web Analytics portal service

The status of your IT available 24/7 on your SQL Reporting portal.

How to anticipate disk failures

The Monitorpack team regularly provides useful metrics to easily monitor your applications, devices and systems. These are basic measurements, if you want to go further Monitorpack software Guard is able to check all performance counters, services, processes, ports, event IDs, existing printers and shares in your IT environment.

In the Guard console

Open Monitorpack Guard > Create alerts > Select Monitoring Event > Select or add values and click on [ Save ] button. once complete, click on [ Create ] and select your alarm type, you can get an alarm when the event ID is present in the event viewer of the remote server or if the event ID does not exist by selecting the option o Exists or o Doesn't exist .

how to monitor disk failure
how to monitor disk failure

Create Event ID alert

"Number of events to verify" to define how many of the last event IDs you want to check.

how to monitor disk failure
how to monitor disk failure

Email alarm example

Visual of an Event ID in xml view to understand how to configure the alert.

Action Script Description How What
ID Performance Instance Rule Value
ID Process Process name When Status
ID Service Service name When Status
ID TCP Port Socket name Port Value
ID Shares Share name Share Value
ID Printers Printer name Port Status
ID Event Log Name Level Event ID Status
1 Disk bad block cdrom (Provider Name) Error 7 Exists
2 Disk error during paging cdrom (Provider Name) Warning 51 Exists
3 Disk imminent disk failure cdrom (Provider Name) Warning 52 Exists