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Administration, supervision, inventories and IT incident management.

Application monitoring

Application monitoring

Quickly access the status of all your applications from your PC, tablet.

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Web Analytics portal service

The status of your IT available 24/7 on your SQL Reporting portal.

Quick start Monitorpack Guard

It is necessary to subscribe to Monitorpack Discovery which then allows you to discover and monitor all existing devices on your network, to use Monitorpack Guard, Monitorpack SNMP, Web Analytics & Monitorpack Asset for free on the same machine.

Once your Monitorpack Discovery license is in place there is no limit to the number of devices you can control on the same IP network. You can manually launch a discovery but be aware that a Windows service called MonitorpackDiscoveryEngine is running perpetually in the background to discover all the devices present on your network.

  • Install Monitorpack Discovery,

  • Complete the online subscription,

  • Install Monitorpack Guard on the same machine.

Monitorpack Guard allows you to monitor all applications on the server or PC on which it is installed as well as anything that is on the same network and has an IP address accessible from this single server or PC.

  • Monitoring in an Active Directory forest.

  • Supervision in a DMZ or a workgroup.

  • Download the latest version of Monitorpack Guard from Download page

  • Don't forget to start the Windows services "Monitorpack Guard Engine" & "Monitorpack Guard WatchDog" then the Windows services will start automatically.

  • When deploying Monitorpack Guard a script is executed to upgrade the SQL firewall rules of the local machine TCP Port 1433,1434.

    When deploying Monitorpack Guard a script is executed to upgrade the SMTP firewall rules of the local machine TCP Port 25,465 & 587.

    Monitorpack Guard handles all messaging systems, the minimum condition is to allow ports 25, 587, or 465 according to your messaging from the Monitorpack Guard machine to the outside to be able to send email alerts.

    Lors du déploiement de Monitorpack Guard, un script is executed afin de mettre à niveau the firewall rules of the local machine, concerning your network equipment, you may also need to allow your company's routers to send emails from this machine to the outside.