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Innovative application supervision by mapping.

Application monitoring

Application monitoring

Quickly access the status of all your applications from your PC, tablet.

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Native integration into Microsoft reporting solutions.

Add an Event ID type alert

As a reminder, the Monitorpack concept is as follows:

  • For the creation of Event ID type alerts, Monitorpack does not use a remote connection in this case but simply provides the parameters of a known Event ID that you wish to monitor.

  • During monitoring, it is the Windows Monitorpack Guard Engine service that actually controls all performance counters, which implies that in the Windows Monitorpack Guard Engine service connection settings you need to configure the 'Log on as' account with an account that is local administrator of the remote machines.

  • We recommend using a dedicated account such as 'svc_Monitorpack' Member of the 'Domain admins' group which is generally by default local administrator of all servers and workstations in the active directory forest.

Microsoft security prerequisites must be completed

In the Guard console

Open Monitorpack Guard > Create alerts > Select Monitoring Event > Select or add values [ Save ] button. once complete click on [ Create ] and select your alarm type, you can get an alarm when the event ID is present in the event viewer of the remote server or if the event ID does not exist by selecting the option o Exists or o Doesn't exist .

Provided that all fields are correctly configured, you can create the alert by clicking on [ Create ] select the type of alarm (mail, log, SQL, ticket)

Video tutorial

Click on this video to see how easy it will be to create your alerts.

SaaS supervision

Details for creating an alert