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supervision Cloud

Maintenance IT Helpdesk

Administration, supervision, inventories and IT incident management.

Application monitoring

Application monitoring

Quickly access the status of all your applications from your PC, tablet.

freeware for monitoring

Web Analytics

The status of your IT available 24/7 on your SQL Reporting portal.

Pricing - March 2024

A single Monitorpack Discovery license gives you access to Addons, you thus have a complete ecosystem of IT supervision and maintenance. unlimited alerts, alarms or device to control once you are able to reach it from Monitorpack Guard machine.

# REF Informations Description per month par year Subscriptions
DIS 1 license IP Network browser - Monitorpack Discovery   US$ 179   US$ 1790
ID Products & services Description Details Services
SP1 Remote service Remote services by our engineers or partners. 1 consultant day
SP2 Prestation sur site On-site services by our engineers or partners. 1 consultant day

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