IT Supervision

Global solution

Cloud dashboard, server monitoring, inventories and incident management.

Application monitoring

SaaS supervision

Server monitoring and inventories made easy as never, display status of all your applications from your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

freeware for monitoring

Cloud services

nformation available 24/7 on our Datacenters partners.

Solution Cloud MonitorPack

All in one solution

We provide subscription package, outsourced with secured access to your dedicated server, hosted in our partner's Datacenter or Microsoft Azure. A global offer to drive and consolidate from anywhere and anytime the status of your computers (applications, routers, printers, network, etc.), all your IT asset management, manage your incidents and their real-time status. You receive your alerts by email, you check your dashboards from your smartphone. Technical support and maintenance are performed exclusively by TECK SYSTEM SOFT or one of its authorized partners MonitorPack . The amount of the subscription consists of a subscription MonitorPack + subscription Azure / partners or subscription MonitorPack only if you decide to manage your own hosting.


MonitorPack Cloud offer is a secured and safe solution for your data, when we deliver your dedicated server, you must use authenticate with Kerberos process, this is the way we guarantee your privacy and security, optionally you can order a dedicated certificate.

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