IT Supervision

Global solution

Administration, supervision, inventory and management of IT incidents.

supervision informatique

Easy management

Quickly access status of all your applications from your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

supervision informatique

Permanent access

Your information available 24/7 on our Datacenters partners.

Supervision IT

Simple solution for IT supervision

A quickly installed solution on a single workstation or server (Proxy architecture) that is able to monitor, inform you by e-mail, SMS and to act by triggering your PowerShell scripts, vbs, batch. A powerful application designed to monitor, manage and report. Using of all performance counters available in Microsoft environement, sending alerts, alarms and graphical reporting, you get information from all your applications, servers and PCs. No need for a dedicated team to manage complicated solutions, we provide all the documents, procedures. The concept is unique, all applications, databases, performance counters, existing printers, ports (sockets), processes, actions, records, Web servers are monitored and that in any language. MonitorPack acts as a proxy, you need to install it once on a PC or server for your entire company, you can also install one per physical site or Active Directory for multi-site configurations.

Audit any application

Windows seucurity

Are you limited on what you need to monitor?

Portfolio #1

Portail Cloud


Your reports are immediately exported. Dynamic Edition of Microsoft Server Reporting Services reports,   Dynamic edition of Microsoft SQL Server queries, Microsoft SharePoint reports, Acrobat Reader exports, Microsoft Office, Web console for control and management of incidents, internet access and/or secured intranet.

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Easy installation and fast remove

MSI files MonitorPack were tested without viruses, once installed MonitorPack can be uninstalled in 30 seconds from the Control Panel "Add / Remove Programs". Applications MonitorPack do not impact or change anything on your Active Directory schema.

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