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Easy monitoring solution

Automated generation of qualifying tickets in all service desk solutions.

Application monitoring

Global service desk integration

Automated generation of qualifying tickets in all service desk solutions.

freeware for monitoring

Azure & Power BI portal services

The status of your apps available 24/7 on your centralized dashboard.

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Monitorpack can monitor everything from your PC without deploying any agents

First of all it is important to know that Monitorpack modules are simply installed and uninstalled from the Application console or add remove programs from Windows.

Whether in an active directory forest or a workgroup, no files are installed or modified outside the PC or server on which the modules are installed, the Active Directory schema is not modified either.

June 2024 - New small business version for small companies and MSPs at $39 per month!

Monitorpack installation Installation

Monitorpack is up and running in minutes!

Now download the three modules and install them in just a few moments

Zip donwloads Description Links
Monitorpack Discovery Autodiscovery module Monitorpack Discovery
Monitorpack Guard Agentless supervision module Monitorpack Guard
Monitorpack SNMP OIDs supervision module Monitorpack SNMP

Monitorpack Discovery Certain UAC levels or certain GPOs prevent the creation of the shortcut with the run as administrator right level, in this case it is therefore necessary to modify it manually as follows: Once each Monitorpack module is installed, you must modify the Monitorpack shortcut present on the Windows desktop as follows: Right click > Properties > tab [ Compatibility ] > check the box Run this program as administrator in Privilege level > click OK.

Monitorpack Discovery Get my license for free

Without any payment information!

When I request my free license for a trial period I do not provide a credit card

I create an account which gives me access to my personal space. At the end of the trial period I will be asked by email to provide my information payment to obtain a definitive license, if I do not provide any information, the license will stop by itself after a reminder email and you will therefore not be bound in any way, we will no longer have any payment information concerning you.

If I decide to purchase the license, I access my secure personal space and I complete my payment information in order to obtain my final license.

once registered you will receive an email validating your email address which you will need to click on, you will then receive a serial number valid for the entire trial period as well as a download link for configure your report server for free (optional).

Open the Monitorpack Discovery module that you will have previously installed, go to the settings tab and copy and paste the serial number, being careful not to copy and paste any spaces into the license field, then click on the [Register] button. Your license is now active and allows you to operate the other modules.

SaaS supervision
IT incident management

Licensing setup

Monitorpack Discovery Quick setup

During the first installation, don't forget to start all Windows services starting with Monitorpack and corresponding to each module (two Windows services per module) they are in automatic mode and will automatically reactivate each time the machine is restarted.

If you want to test on your local machine there is nothing to do other than launch the Monitorpack Guard application and go in the [Create Alerts] tab then start creating your alerts.

If you want to go further in your tests and control remote machines we need to determine if you are in a Active Directory forest or a workgroup in this case start following the following advice

Monitorpack is made up of 3 modules that can be downloaded from the download page of this site and can be installed in a few minutes. There is no agent to deploy, a simple Active Directory forest GPO, A service account to create and you are ready to supervise your IT.

Monitorpack Discovery Ongoing assistance, advice and support

Our engineers are here to guide you and share their expertise.

Monitorpack is not only an innovative monitoring solution, but also an advisory and support service, sharing our know-how to adapt to your infrastructure, your unique context in order to guarantee the full production capacity of your IT.

We have dedicated support for our customers to answer all their questions, this support exists in French and English.

Monitorpack Discovery Our expertise

Since 2005

Our engineers and developers have worked in complex escalation and incident management environments for large companies such as Microsoft Technical Center France, Airbus, Group CASINO, Royal Canin, Banque Natixis, l'Occitane, l'école supérieure of commerce of Montpellier, SAINT HUBERT, the Monegasque government, Gefco, Atos group, the RSI, CMA-CGM, Dior, L’Oréal, EDF, the parliament European Luxembourg, TOTAL Group... but also for service centers bringing together multiple SMEs and are able to share their experiences & good practices with you.

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