IT Supervision

Global solution

Cloud dashboard, server monitoring, inventories and incident management.

Application monitoring

SaaS supervision

Server monitoring and inventories made easy as never, display status of all your applications from your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

freeware for monitoring

Cloud services

nformation available 24/7 on our Datacenters partners.

Incidents management

MonitorPack Cloud portal

Web portal MonitorPack is based on Microsoft SQL server technology Asp.NET and Microsoft SSRS, you have an automated incident management, consolidation of inventory and status in real time all your applications measures.

SaaS supervision
SaaS supervision

Help Desk informatique

Incident management

MonitorPack Guard creates tickets directly formatted in Zoho Desk or Zendesk. You just have to create a SMTP alert and give your Zoho Desk support@xxxx.zohodesk.eu e-mail address as recipient.

SaaS supervision

IT Help Desk


For validation, TECK SYSTEM SOFT provides free tools MonitorPack for monitoring, admistration and managing IT inventory, tools MonitorPack within his Cloud offer, free versions are solutions that do not consolidate in SQL.

SaaS supervision
SaaS supervision

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