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Maintenance IT

Administration, supervision, inventaires et gestion des incidents informatiques.

Application monitoring

Supervision applicative

Accedez rapidement au statut de toutes vos applications depuis votre PC, tablette.

freeware for monitoring

Services Cloud

Le statut de votre informatique disponible 24/7 sur votre portail SaaS.

PC inventory & Server Monitoring  MonitorPack Snmp freeware

TECK SYSTEM SOFT is pleased to put at your disposal its freeware solution MonitorPack Snmp , to consolidate reports to the cloud or to a solution on site, you can optionally, subscribe to MonitorPack .

SaaS supervision
SaaS supervision


SaaS supervision
SaaS supervision


MonitorPack Snmp 1.0.2

MonitorPack Snmp is a software solution developed by TECK SYSTEM SOFT for SNMP management. A solution that can be quickly installed on a single workstation or server and able to work immediately, for consolidate collected data to the cloud (for subscribers only). A powerful application designed to work in agent or proxy mode. MonitorPack Snmp is able to monitor any existing OID.

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16 of may 2019.