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supervision Cloud

Easy IT maintenance solution

Administration, supervision, inventories and IT incident management.

Application monitoring

Applications monitoring

Quickly access the status of all your devices, applications from your PC, tablet.

freeware for monitoring

Web Analytics portal service

The status of your IT available 24/7 on your SQL Reporting Service.

IT supervision and maintenance

Monitorpack has been a software publisher since 2005, specializing in IT monitoring solutions. Click on the video to listen!

Monitorpack solutions

Monitorpack is an IT monitoring and performance management software, It is designed to help businesses monitor, diagnose and manage the status of their IT environments, including servers, applications, databases and network devices. But also anything that has an IP address, such as smart socket, camera, cash register, smart battery, badge machines, etc... All this while ensuring optimal performance, high availability and increased system resilience.

Monitorpack create predefined rules and thresholds to detect potential problems. It can identify bottlenecks, hardware failures, software errors, and other problems that could affect performance or availability.

When Monitorpack detects a problem it triggers notifications and alerts to inform IT administrators. These alerts can be sent by email, by file or create pre-formatted tickets incorporating the customer contract number of the subject severity and failure in all helpdesk solutions such as GLPI, ITSM, Service Now, Zendesk, Monitorpack is also a Zoho desk partner.

The Reporting and Business Intelligence Monitorpack provides reporting and analysis functionality that integrates natively into SQL Server, SQL reporting services, in Power BI Server or Azure. To help administrators understand performance trends, identify issues recurring and to make informed decisions.

Monitorpack can automate certain maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. For example, Monitorpack can trigger batch scripts to take corrective actions in response to alerts.

Where our IT monitoring experience is from

Our engineers and developers have worked in complex escalation and incident management environments for large companies such as Microsoft Technical Center France, Airbus, Group CASINO, Royal Canin, Natixis Bank, L'Occitane, the Montpellier business school, SAINT HUBERT, the Monegasque government, Gefco, Atos group, RSI, CMA-CGM, Dior, L’Oréal, EDF, the European Parliament Luxembourg, TOTAL Group… but also for service centers bringing together multiple SMEs and are able to share their experiences & good practices with you.

Our conception of IT supervision

Monitorpack, a specialist monitoring editor, offers you an open solution allowing you to integrate with all other service systems of IT services, in order to provide maintenance in operational condition, management of incidents and dynamic problems as well as consolidation of ticketing and reporting.

  • You supervise your customers with a new concept of solution which allows you to monitor everything, you have a complete ecosystem for supervision, maintenance and intervention at your customers,

  • Use Automatic ticketing to all helpdesk solutions providing "email to ticket" option,

  • You will Centralized all your clients/sites on a single reporting portal,

  • 24/7 automated supervision,

  • Know the availability rate per client, per application environment (system, messaging, Active Directory, databases, etc.)

  • Benefit from the sustainability of the latest Microsoft SQL server technologies, SQL Server Reporting Services.

  • Freely provided SQL packages that you can use on-premises or in Azure with paginated reports.

  • Benefit from an Helpdesk where each ticket is automatically generated, your users / customers will also be able to create tickets manually.

  • Reduce your implementation times, manual supervision, calls, the number of incidents and problems.

Monitorpack restarts your applications, corrects recurring errors and keeps your IT available.

Launch of scripts under alert conditions.

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