IT Supervision

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Administration, supervision, inventory and management of IT incidents.

Application monitoring

SaaS supervision

Server monitoring and inventories made easy as never, display status of all your applications from your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

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Cloud services

Your information available 24/7 on our Datacenters partners.

Application supervision & IT maintenance

MonitorPack Saas is an interface that shows state, health and performance information of computer systems. It also provides alerts and applicative environment availability.

Our expertise

Our engineers and developers have worked in complex escalation and incident management environments for large companies such as Microsoft Technical Center France, Airbus, Group CASINO, Royal Canin, Banque Natixis, l'Occitane, business school from Montpellier, SAINT HUBERT, the Monegasque government, Gefco, Atos group, the RSI, CMA-CGM, Dior, L'Oréal, EDF, the European Parliament Luxembourg, TOTAL Group… but also for service centers bringing together multiple SMEs and are able to share their experiences & good practices with you.

Support & consulting

MonitorPack Consulting, supports you in the implementation of the complete chain of supervision of your IT infrastructure:

  • Audit of your IT infrastructure.

  • Qualification of your critical applications, your SLA levels.

  • Selection and implementation of probes defining the degradation and stopping of production of your application environment, levels of criticality.

  • Development of tailor-made dashboards and implementation of a dynamic Help Desk.

  • Training on our solutions.

MonitorPack Guard protects your computers against the usual failures, alerts you before, sends email alerts and clearly informs you about ongoing incidents.

  • MonitorPack Guard is a freeware agent that monitors all your applications.

  • MontorPack Snmp is a freeware agent that monitors all your SNMP devices.

  • MontorPack Asset is a freeware agent that inventories all your Servers & PCs.

With the SA-5 Support offer, we assist you During the installation of the MonitorPack platform, we define together the perimeter to be monitored, severity levels, escalation processes and will follow you during your evolution requests such as.

  • Supervision of your Active Directory, Azure AD Connect, SQL servers, printers, routers, cameras, mobiles, NAS, backup, etc. ...

  • deployment of supervision in a heterogeneous and multi-site environment.

Our industrialized solutions and proven methodologies will allow you to

  • Centralize all your clients / sites on a single reporting portal.

  • Know the rate available by client, by application environment (system, messaging, Active Directory, databases, etc.)

  • Benefit from the durability of the latest Microsoft SQL server technologies, SQL Server Reporting Services.

  • Benefit from a Helpdesk, each ticket of which is generated automatically, your user customers will also be able to create tickets manually.

  • Reduce your implementation times, manual supervision, calls, the number of incidents and problems.

MonitorPack restarts your applications, fixes recurring errors and keeps your computer available.

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Web analytic subscriptions

Description SA-2 SA-3 SA-Basic
Subscription per year, first year $  3110 $   896 $   506
Subscription per year, following years $  2797 $   807 $   454
Dedicated server
Shared server
URL dedicated to your company name
Administrator account in read-write
Dedicated database
Alerts Guard & Snmp consolidation
Asset Consolidation
Basic support
More than 100 reports
Reports edition on demand
Cloud consolidation from 10 public addresses
Cloud consolidation 1 public address
Cloud consolidation 2 public addresses
Dedicated email gateway 10 addresses
Log history retention 1 year
Log history retention 3 months

SaaS monitoring subscriptions & services

If you decide to consolidate your sites, your customers in SaaS mode or if you want unlimited support to configure your supervision, we offer services.