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Innovative application supervision by mapping.

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Automated generation of qualifying tickets in all service desk solutions.

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Native integration into Microsoft reporting solutions.

PC inventory & Server Cloud  Monitorpack Discovery

Monitorpack Discovery is a network discovery engine that allows you to detect all your devices without limits, whether routers, Windows PCs, servers or cameras, smart plugs, in fact any device with an IP address and to identify their manufacturer for most of them Monitorpack Discovery is a subscription essential to be able to then use all our free software such as Monitorpack Guard, Asset and SNMP.

Available November 20, 2023!

Monitorpack Discovery is an engine/scanner that discovers all devices with an IP address on your IP range. It consolidates them into a dynamic list and refreshes this list every 5 minutes. This is done in the background by the Windows Monitorpack Discovery Engine service. This list is used by the Monitorpack Guard, Monitorpack Asset and Monitorpack SNMP solutions to perform all queries. You can also run a discovery query on your own and export it to Excel from the Monitorpack Discovery console.

Discovery of networks, WiFi of all devices with an IP address.

  • Updating & detecting the manufacturers of each device. Detection of shared services, web services, FTP directories, SSH and Active Directory,

  • Permanent database update (discovered every 5 minutes) in the background (Windows service), which allows you to operate Monitorpack Guard, Asset & SNMP with a single subscription.

  • Allows with a single subscription to operate Monitorpack Guard, Asset & SNMP..

  • All shares present on my servers and PCs.

  • All printers present in my Microsoft environment.

Monitorpack Discovery is quickly installed on a single server or PC Windows 10, 11 in your network, other products must also be installed on the same machine where Monitorpack Discovery is present.

Last update

November 20, 2019

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