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Packs for supervision


The MonitorPack team regularly provides metrics packs for subscribers, by feature or by application, that are useful for easily monitoring your Windows servers. These are basic metrics, but you can go much further with MonitorPack that is able to monitor all existing performance counters, Windows services, processes, ports, shares & printers.

How to install MonitorPack Guard Packs

These packs are valid for English servers but be aware that MonitorPack Guard supervision works in any language.

Tips This packs are Microsoft Access files that you can modify and duplicate easily without using MonitorPack Guard interface, you can deploy them on all workstations & servers.

  • Run services.msc, stop the Monitorpack Guard Engine & Monitorpack Guard WatchDog service.
  • Copy and replace the Schedule.mdb file in the "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ MonitorPack Guard \ Databases \" folder.
  • Run services.msc & start the MonitorpackEngine & MonitorpackControl service.
  • Your server or PC is now supervised with the Base Pack, your first logs will be visible after five minutes.
  • You can add as many alerts as you want to the current package.

# REF Pack Description Subscription
1 Monitoring basic pack Basic supervision of a server or PC (EN)
2 Monitoring pack for Domain Controller Domain Controller supervision (EN)
3 Monitoring pack for member server Basic supervision of member server (EN)